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Desktop and Laptop service

Why replace your laptop or desktop for issues that are solvable and seek expensive replacements that could burn a hole in your pockets.

With several years of experience in handling hardware and software repairs, our expertise in handling multiple scenarios give us the competitive edge in providing permanent solutions at an affordable price. Be it any model – HP, DELL, ACER, ASUS, COMPAQ, TOSHIBA, Lenovo or Apple, our technicians are well equipped to handle any kind of issues.

If your PC or Lap is running slow or crashed recently, our technicians can help you get back on track easily in most case with proper data recovery. Our vast repertoire of Laptop and PC repair services include Screen Replacement, Keypad Replacement, Panel Replacement, Dead Laptop repairs, battery replacement and RAM Replacement issues. Also, we can help you with configuring devices such as camera, scanner, printers, and all kinds of external devices.

All kinds of Software Installations

Well, installing an OS or a software application can be tedious job for a commoner. Missing any steps in the process may result in serious complications. Drivers and applications need to installed in order and must be updated regularly for your computer to function properly

We at SSR can provide provide the best Operating System and Software Installation services for your PC or laptop. We can also handle a variety of software installations. You name it, we can do it in a quick time, be it whether your home or an office.

Our range of Software and OS installation services include:

  1. Installing OS (WIndows, MAC, Linux, Ubuntu on your PCs and Laptops)
  2. Installing all the crucial and recommended updates
  3. Installing and configuring all kinds of important softwares
  4. Verifying if all the softwares installed are working properly

CCTV installation

In recent years CCTV technology coupled with IT has enabled broadcasting live images over the internet which can be live streamed across a computer or mobile device.

Now you can watch video from IP camera with a PC, MAC or even your mobiles. Armed with facilities such as inbuilt motion detectors and sensors which can be triggered through an SMS or email, the CCTV technology can be installed in home or office premises with remote surveillance.

Our company is one of the pioneers in the field of CCTV installation. Being in the field for several years, we have the reputation of being one of the best in this field. The device and technology used by us render superior video quality. Our mission is to provide our customers with properly integrated, safety and surveillance solutions.

CCTV Camera installation